Like a Bird in The Clear Blue Sky

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From the album And Birds Will Sing Again. Written by Arthur Wilson and Bod Shields. 

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There's something in my heart singing,
A song I've not heard before,
Came to me as if in a dream,
when you walked through the door,
 I try to save the words of this tune,
Before it all drifts away,
so I can play it over and over again,
Forever and a day. 

What is this thing that I'm feeling,
 I 've never felt it before,
 Lifts me up to the highest high,
 And leaves me wanting more,
 what is this thing that feeling,
 Makes my emotions soar,
 Like a bird in a clear blue sky,
 And leaves me wanting more. 

vase 2
I've been scrubbing the floorboards,
 and been painting the walls,
 while I'm building this house for you,
 you don't even call.

 They say you're painting the town red,
 out there having a ball,
 I turn around in the debris,
 And you are nowhere at all. 

vase 3

you drunk me under the table,
 and threw me out of the door,
 you gave me nothing but nothing at all,
 I couldn't take any more,
 But now I hear from your sister,
 you've been asking for me,
 and I wonder if you came back,
 Just what my feelings would be


at end:

Like a bird in a clear blue sky,
 And leaves me wanting more.


Vocals: Caitlin McGillivray, Arthur Wilson and Ross Dryburgh

Electric guitars: Ross Dryburgh

Bass guitar: Stuart Wilson, Colin Findlay

Drums: Duncan Smith

Keyboards: Jamie Lang

Acoustic guitar: Arthur Wilson

Recorded by: Colin Findlay at The Lane Studio in Prestonpans

Written by Arthur Wilson and Bob Shields