Blue Eyes in Mexico

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I like the way that this turned out. The hook "And Birds Will Sing Again". the imagery around the Rio Grande and border (Bob's work) and Cailin's beautiful vocal.

Song Lyrics

The enemy of love, he stole your heart from me
And now my love has gone beyond all memory,
In Berkley square I said a prayer and sang with nightingales
But I'm all alone that song has gone where dreamboats sail

He laughed like silver from the mines of Vera Cruz
The only one all Spanish sun, too warm to lose,
It was as if a secret gift that I would never know,
A contradiction on the run, blue eyes in Mexico


and birds will sing again,
Welcome the gift of rain,
Tears disappear like snow,
Blue eyes in Mexico

The enemy of love he borders burning sand,
But flows as if escape across the Rio Grande,
And he is dusky dark and dangerous to know,
Like Tequila, drink it slow, blue eyes in Mexico

Chorus × 2


Vocals: Caitlin McGillivray and Arthur Wilson

Electric guitars: Ross Dryburgh

Bass guitar: Colin Findlay

Drums: Duncan Smith

Acoustic guitar: Arthur Wilson

Recorded by: Colin Findlay at The Lane Studio in Prestonpans

Written by Arthur Wilson and Bob Shields