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Guitar, Bass and Drums. This is a pretty basic band set up but Colin has nailed it with the recording. Great guitar sound Ross and thumping drums Duncan. Bob came down for a visit and he wrote the chorus lyrics on the bus on the way down; "I wish you were here I wish you were gone". I sketched out the verse lyrics and did the chord structure like "Heatwave"  and it just seemed to work. Great fun to play and sing.

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And I wish you were here by me, × 3

and I wish You were. gone

I really wish you were gone (last line)


all this fooling around,

all your tears of a clown,

and your acting surprised,

I saw through all of your lies,

But in the tunnel of the Darkest night,

you are my hope that ends in light,

And I can see a bright new future in sight .


and I wish you were here etc.


So get your story straight,

If this is love, lets try hate,

I put my life on hold,

Now I need, truth to be told,

I'm like someone in someone else's bed,

I Turned up waiting, just as you said,

you are my lover but I wish you were dead,




I wanted a soul mate,

you wanted a cell mate,

Now trapped in romance,

Is there really no chance,

That we could move on and just let it be,

Break the chains that only we can see,

So please please me As I set you free,


you'd better get your story straight,

I' to at- stage where my life wont wait,

I'm put everything on hold

But now I need the truth to be told,

I'm like (someone) in ?

I turned up waiting as you said,

I love you I hate you I want you and wish you were dead!


Vocals: Arthur Wilson

Guitars; Ross Dryburgh

Drums; Duncan Smith

Bass Guitar: Stuart Wilson

Recorded by: Colin Findlay at The Lane Studio in Prestonpans

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