Take a Walk WIth Me

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The Roy Orbison song In Dreams has always been one of my favourite songs. I tried to write a song like it and it turned out like this. Nothing like it and not nearly as good. 

Song Lyrics

I hear you calling, as I close my eyes,
To sleep and dream, you here by my side,
and we'll dive down into the deep blue sea,
And when the morning comes,,
take a walk with me,

Lost like a pilgrim, in some barren land,
When hope runs out with the falling sand,
I reach out for you, as you reach for me,
And when we touch, then take a walk with me

Take a walk with me,
Through the darkest night,
Fear no more shadows,
We are in the light,
Take a walk with me,
On a path together, forever,
Take a walk with me.

And you see a rainbow, where I see rain,
You are the smile, that overcomes the pain,
How can I thank you, I simply let it be,
and when the sun shines,
Take a walk with me.


And you are that moment, and I am now,
you say farewell but I don't know how,
You are that smile in all my memories,
And when I dream, you take a walk with me


At end:

take a walk with me, take a walk with me, talk a walk with me


Vocals: Caitlin McGillivray, Arthur Wilson and Ross Dryburgh

Electric guitars: Ross Dryburgh

Bass guitar: Stuart Wilson, Colin Findlay

Drums: Duncan Smith

Keyboards: Jamie Lang

Song written by Arthur Wilson and Bob Shields

Recorded by Colin Findlay at The Lane Studios, Prestonpans www.thelanestudio.co.uk

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